About Susan

About Us

Driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, Susan Rosenblatt founded Ambage in 1990.

Susan dedicated herself to creating beautiful environments in home and business establishments around the United States by doing interior design consulting and working with suppliers to bring creative, innovative and unique designs in furnishings and accessories to clients. She has been credited with highly coveted awards for many of them.

In 2005, Susan’s passion and talent for fashion led her to extend her business by helping to enhance the beauty of women. The idea behind Selection’s by Susan is to empower women, build self confidence and help them to create their own individual fashion sense.

At the request of many of Susan’s clients, she has recently extended her services to include image and styling analysis and strategies for achieving a total look that is complimentary to one’s lifestyle needs, body type and budget. In August of 2011, Susan was certified by Stacy London of the television show “What Not to Wear”.

Count on Susan to:

  • Assist you in building a jewelry and accessory wardrobe to complement your budget, lifestyle and taste.
  • Assist you in selecting appropriate jewelry and accessories for your clothing purchases.
  • Enhance your business or charitable event.
  • Arrange a private event at a state of the art showroom.
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