Our Products

You do not have to spend $$$$ to look like a million.

Ambage offers designer inspired jewelry without the price tag, as well as one of a kind pieces by artisan’s who empower other women.

Ambage has a constantly evolving collection of merchandise suitable for casual, daytime and evening wear. From the “must have” staples all women should own, to the latest styles all women desire.

Susan selects jewelry that is affordable, finely crafted and current with today’s trends. The jewelry is worn by women who want to be economical, practical and know that worn alone or mixed with their own designer pieces, “No one knows it’s faux!”

A visit to Susan’s private showroom may also include unique accessories including handbags, scarves, belts and other items.

Care of Jewlery

  • Clean with mild detergent and hot water; rinse well and dry or
  • Steam clean, water only
  • No jewelry cleaner or chemical dips
  • No chlorine, perfumes or household chemicals
Ambage: Inspired Travel Jewlery