Inspired Travel Jewlery

"I purchased gifts for my bridesmaids from Ambage and the necklaces were the latest popular style and of such wonderful quality that I came back to find the perfect earrings for my dress. I got numerous comments about my earrings on my wedding day. I am so glad I accepted Susan's help to find the perfect pair of earrings to go with my dress."

- Allison Blust

"I love jewelry and accessorizing and am always looking for unique pieces to add to my collection. After meeting Susan I have become a loyal client of Ambage. I travel a lot for my business and some times am concerned about taking my designer jewelry. Ambage has made it possible for me to take my look and not worry about the possibility of theft or loss. Ambage has all the latest styles that I see in all the fashion magazines and the compliments I get on my jewelry are unbelievable. Ambage has also allowed me to add to my collection with several pieces, at affordable prices, which would not be possible with designer price tags. I cherish and am truly grateful of the day I met Susan and was introduced to Ambage!"

-Jennifer Danqiust

"Susan recently supported Genesis of Pittsburgh, Inc. "A Beautiful Evening", a strolling wine dinner. Susan was the sole vendor at the event and the guests loved her inspired travel jewelry. Susan has a gift of knowing what accessories looks best on a person. She really takes the time to work with each guest so they feel confident about what they are wearing. Susan's contribution to our event was based on her gross sales and because of her success, Genesis benefited greatly. Susan is a pleasure to work with and is as passionate about her products as she is about contributing to charitable causes."

-Joan Joson Special Events Coordinator
Genesis of Pittsburgh, Inc.

"The minute I met Susan at her studio I knew I would love her jewelry and handbags. She carries all the jewelry inspired by my favorite designers. The jewelry is superior in quality to that of costume I had purchased in the past and yet so affordable. Susan helped me accessorize my wardrobe from daytime to evening. Shopping with Susan is like having coffee with a great friend."

-Kate Stiffler

Ambage: Inspired Travel Jewlery